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The Hunt Family Crest

Our family’s history parallels that of our great nation. Our ancestors fought in the Revolutionary war, joined the great migration into New York City, and continued to increase their prosperity and station in life with each succeeding generation.  Our ancestors fought in the War of 1812, the Civil War, WW2, and one even pursued Pancho Villa into Mexico under General John Pershing. Over the years, Hunts have been farmers, butchers, printers, engineers, masons, actors, bond traders, scientists, businessmen, plumbers, managers, and much more.  Along the way the Hunt family has been joined by immigrants from France, England, Ireland and Canada. 

Of course, our history has a few “Peyton Place” elements as well.


Samuel l'Homidieu Hunt (1799 to 1859) and his first and second wives (Phebe Lyon Palmer and Ann Lydia Palmer) are the the earliest Hunt ancestors that I have been able to find very detailed information on. I have made great progress in tracing their 8 children and their decedents to the present day, and tracing their ancestors as far back as possible. At the same time there are many "brick walls" in our history that I am still trying to break down.

In the course of this project I have made trips to New York City, Boston, Brooklyn, and Connecticut and visited many of the homes and neighborhoods that our ancestors lived in, and received help from Aunts Uncles and Cousins!

In doing many years of research, I have gained a great respect for many of our ancestors, and I wish that I could have known them


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New york City, circa 1850